FRIV MOVE ZAMEK –  Patryk Lichota & Marta Romaszkan
Artistic residency program “Laboratorium” - free improvised music and dance
project run: August - December 2013

The project FRIV MOVE ZAMEK focuses on music and dance improvisation.
We are interested in connecting the music and dance scenes in the context of a joint laboratory, where through practice and theory we will examine the role of improvisation in these individual fields, as well as at their juncture, focusing on the possible forms of communication that exist between movement and sound, the musician and dancer.

The laboratory will take place in various, often undiscovered spaces in the Zamek Cultural Center, Poznan, where musicians and dancers will be able to explore the architectural potential of each space.

Project Objectives:

We are interested in connecting Poznan`s cutting edge music and dance scenes, as well as introducing the Poznan locals to a variety of new music and dance happenings. The project is directed at a broad age range audience, as it presents a universal process of creativity – improvisation as a significant breaking point of every art field.

The laboratory will offer an occasion to learn about the creation of music and choreography in real time, in the presence of the viewer.

The project aims to provoke a discussion around the relation of music and dance as well as between the artists and the audience, using improvisation, in particular free improvisation presented through a context of other disciplines highlighting it’s significance through formulating it’s own artistic language.

In addition we will be presenting improvisation through a workshop method, opening new fields of expression, methods of communication and tools for building a structure for performance and composition.

The Project FRIVE MOVE ZAMEK will address the following themes:

1. MOVEMENT:  Movement - Sound – Space

2. THEORY: Improvised performances (by musicians and dancers), followed by discussions with the artists, invited guests, theorists and the public.

3. DANCE AND INTERACTIVE MEDIA IN IMPROVISATION as well as filming of dance performances.

4. WORKSHOPS for musicians and dancers, who are interested in improvisation, lead by the dancers and musicians participating in the project.



Marta Romaszkan

Patryk Lichota


facebook: Strange Lóóp

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„Lightmoves 1 -10”


Audiovisual performance by Roman Bromboszcz, with guest appearance by Anna Kokocińska ”Lightmoves 1-10” is a series of repetition of the dancer’s movements...


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